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NEW Platform + Bhava Program


We're combining strength, yoga and education for the ultimate 6-week virtual program. Find your balance with Platform Virtual.

What's Included?

  • 9 live classes a week
  • Anytime access to app/workout library
  • 3 different classes; Pro, Prep, Deep Hips & Hams
  • Empirica Webinars on Sleep & Stress
  • Daily emails with nutrition & workout tips

Classes Offered: 


Platform Prep: Our LEVEL ONE strength class

A brand new class offering for anyone who is just starting out with strength training! Focus on form and fundamentals, programmed for 3x a week. Can be used with or without weight! 

Platform Pro: Our LEVEL TWO strength class

This is our core class offering focusing on 3x a week, at-home strength program. Push yourself a little outside your comfort zone by trying some solid new strength routines, all while being motivated by a community of people who are getting STRONG right alongside you! Can be used with dumbbells or an #empack! 

Deep Hips and Hamstrings: New Flow Class! Powered by Bhava Yoga

The movement focus in these classes is on the hips and hamstrings - the roots of your body. Expect a balance of movement + restorative yoga to leave you feeling open and refreshed. 


the 15th & 29th of every month

Join our network of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (our Normas!) to focus on core foundations and micro-nutrient support to improve your NORMAL!


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Customize your weight and your workout

Filled with water: 13-14 pounds

Filled with sand: 21 pounds

Unfilled, 21" long and 1/2" thick, 5 ounces

Helpful FAQs

  • How much weight does each reservoir add?

    15 pounds when filled with water and up to 20 filled with sand. Remember that water is an unstable weight and will automatically feel heavier than your general static weight that you use in the gym. It adds a new element of stability training and proprioception (teaching your body to adapt to new surroundings) that will challenge your body in a whole new way.

  • How many reservoirs does a pack hold?

    OG Empack - 4 (comes with 2) 

    Wander - 2 

    Nomad - 1 + a hydration pack 

    You can always buy extra reservoirs!

  • Is there a workout guide that comes with my pack?

    We want you to use this baby! With every purchase we send a WORKOUT PDF GUIDE that you can use right away. We also have weekly workouts sent on our newsletter. Looking for more? We offer a 6 Week Get Strong Program on the website that was written specifically for the EmPack. It is great for traveling, in-home workouts and making the world your gym.

  • How durable are the packs?

    The Empack uses the highest quality military grade 1000D, water-resistant Cordura with double backed bindings, straps, and handles to make this pack long lasting and fit for all your needs. 

  • How do you transition the EmPack from a backpack to a training pack?

    The transition is simple: take off the shoulder straps (unless using as a weighted vest) and tighten the front area by pulling the straps snug. Hold onto the pack's handles and use it like dumbbells or a kettlebell. 

  • What are the best ways to use my Empack?

    The packs are super versatile! Use it for work or travel and easily transition it to a weightlifting tool for strength training. The smallest pack (the Nomad) is also a great sized pack for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking. 

  • Are there any how-to videos?