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About Em

Hey you! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Emily Schromm and I am based in Denver, Colorado. I am a personal trainer, CrossFit Coach and athlete, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and now... INVENTOR!

The light bulb for the EmPack came to me when I was at the CrossFit Games in Carson. I was stuck in a hotel with absolutely no gym, and I was desperate to workout. I didn't just want to do typical bodyweight movements, like air squats and burpees: I wanted to lift! So, I took a suitcase, stuffed it with everything I could find in the hotel room, and I lifted. The straps hit my face and the handles were painful BUT it was tough, I was sore, and it made me realize that I needed to create something that not only would allow for amazing, effective workouts wherever you were, but could help my clients easily increase weight as they got stronger without spending a fortune on equipment.

In January 2015 I launched the EmPack on Kickstarter. Within three hours I was 100% funded, and I continued to raise over $200k in pledges. The response is overwhelming: people LOVE their EmPack.

I am forever grateful for the continued support on this journey I am on. YOU are what inspires me to do what I do, whether it's getting you workouts, meal plans, or just some good-ol motivation. You can learn all about my online training programs and what I am up to at my other website,

All the love,

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