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About Em

There’s nothing better than lifting weights outdoors and in the sun. 
Our #empack was designed just for that. 
We started out as an idea: I was on vacation with no weights, and stuffed a suitcase with everything I could to get a squat session in. 
It then turned into a Kickstarter campaign.
And then turned into a movement.
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What I love the most about Evolved Motion and the creation of this empack is that it transformed my unhealthy addiction to lifting weights into a new type of therapy and freedom of movement. 
I was able to explore my body in new ways, continue being the Meathead I forever will be, all while changing my connection with Mother Earth. 
That is my hope for you as well. 
Have fun.
Get in the sun.
And for the love of your feet.... 
Take off your shoes. 
It’s time to evolve your motion.
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