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Does it have a laptop sleeve?

Yes! Make sure to place the reservoir in the back compartment sleeve, just behind the laptop sleeve, when using one reservoir. That way it is nice and snug! If using the EmPack Nomad, please use the velcro seatbelt strap!

How much weight does each full reservoir add to the EmPack?

Each full reservoir is around 13-15 pounds when filled with water. Remember that water is an unstable weight and will automatically feel heavier than your general static weight that you use in the gym. It adds a new element of stability training and proprioception (teaching your body to adapt to new surroundings) that will challenge your body in a whole new way.

How many reservoirs can the EmPack hold?

You can get up to 4 reservoirs in the original EmPack, 2 reservoirs in the BirthFit EmPack and 1 reservoir in the EmPack Nomad.

How do you fill the reservoirs?

When filling the reservoirs with water, the best place to fill the reservoirs is either in a bathtub, a big sink, or my favorite: the ocean!

Can I fill the reservoirs with something other than water?

Yes! The reservoirs can also hold sand. This is great if your EmPack will be primarily used in a home gym.

How do you transition the EmPack from a backpack to a training pack?

Simply follow the video instructions provided on this website! The transition is simple: take off the shoulder straps (unless using as a weighted vest) and tighten the front area by pulling the straps snug.

Can I drink from the reservoirs?

The reservoirs are not made to be drank from so we do not recommend drinking the water that you use, BUT all versions have a hydration reservoir insert that allow you to easily add a hydration device to your adventure!

How durable is the EmPack?

The Empack uses the highest quality military grade 1000D, water-resistant Cordura with double backed bindings, straps, and handles to make this pack long lasting and fit for all your needs.

My reservoir is leaking, can I get a replacement?

Be sure that the cap of the reservoir is pulled out and the cap and screw lid is on very tight. If you continue to have leaking please email so we can get you a replacement.

Can you drop, throw and toss the EmPack?

Yes you can but for extended use and longevity of the reservoirs we recommend that you try to only drop from knee height. The EmPack is made of military grade Codura (1000D) so it will withstand anything you decide to do with it when working out!

Is there a program that comes with the EmPack purchase?

We want you to use this baby, and with every purchase we send a WORKOUT PDF GUIDE that you can use right away. We also have weekly workouts sent on our newsletter. Looking for more? We offer a 6 Week Get Strong program on the website that was written specifically for the EmPack. It is great for traveling, in-home workouts and making the world your gym.

What is your return policy?

We stand behind the EmPack 100%, if for any reason you are not satisfied we will accept a return. We ask that the EmPack is in new condition when returning. We do not cover return shipping. Please email us at for the correct document to process your return.

What is estimated shipping timeframe?

Once you place your order, it takes 24 hours to process. Once you receive your email notification with the shipping confirmation we quote 4-5 business days domestic shipping and 12-18 business days for international shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to most countries and base shipping for international is $20. Please be aware that all countries duties taxes and fees are different and you may pay to have item delivered. We do not determine these costs and unfortunately are unable to give you a quote on that cost.

Where can I read more on your Privacy Policy?

Please click HERE to read Evolved Motions Privacy Policy

More questions?

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