EmPack Workouts

Bulgarian Split Squats: Holding the EmPack on shoulders with main handles or side handles, step your back leg onto an elevated step or surface and perform a lunge! Chest stays high, core tight, focusing on dropping the back knee instead of driving your front knee forward.
"Like Almond Butta": Balance, Rows, and Shuttles!
Bench rows, balance, and some spicy cardio for a full body sweat.
The Cockroach: modify by keeping EmPack at chest and make it harder by pressing EmPack overhead! This is a serious killer core move- hold for 3 sets of 30-60 seconds for a serious burn!
EmPack Core Countdown
Core Countdown! 20-15-10-5
Challenging moves that you will love!
Tricep Skullcrusher: Laying on your back, start with the EmPack directly overhead holding either the top and bottom handles or the main two handles. Keeping your elbows pointing towards your knees (forward, not out!) move your forearms towards your forehead until the EmPack is above your head and then press straight overhead for a killer tricep move. Do not go too heavy with this move as this can be challenging with just one reservoir!
Some foam rolling, Russian twists, and modified turkish get-ups! Use the side handle or the two main handles. Yay SPORTS!
EmPack Full Body Cardio: Squat Clean + Press
Squat Clean Thruster: Placing hands on main front handles and keeping back in a tight, straight position, jump slightly with legs and pull with arms until the Empack is in your front rack position. As soon as the Pack is being held at chest level, drop into a squat, progressing this move by dropping as fast as you can after the pull of the bag. Finish by pressing the bag overhead.
From my current Superhero Challenge! Don't miss out on the next one ;) 
The Turkish Get-Up! This is a high skill move so start with NO WEIGHT and keep the elbow locked out at all times with you arm directly to the side of your ear.
Dips on dips on dips! :) 
GO ENJOY THAT EMPACK! You guys have made this dream possible for me and I cannot thank you enough. Tag me in your workouts, in your pictures, and all your adventures with #empack and tagging @emilyschromm and @evolvedmotion on Instagram! :)