What People Are Saying...

"I am truly obsessed with my EmPack. I use it for traveling, back packing, and of course- working out! Don't want to go to the gym, or don't have access? The water reservoirs are perfect and challenging. They don't spill, and the movement of the water definitely works more muscles than a standard dumbbell. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to workout anywhere they want- and for anyone who simply wants an amazing, durable backpack!" Alexis L.


"I love my EmPack! I purchased the EmPack because over the past 4 years I’ve been spending and increasing amount of time traveling. I usually do short weekend stays so I wanted to be able to have something that I could bring anywhere and would assist me getting in a workout no matter where I was going. Of course the EmPack  is amazing for getting in some great physical activity (hiking, weight training, running ect.). The water bladders pack a surprising punch when it comes to weight; I was shocked at how quickly I was able to get my heart rate up with only two bladders (30lbs) Not only do I love the EmPack for workouts but it also great for travel in general, it is legitimately my favorite travel bag now. There is so much space! I can pack all the personal items I need for the 4 day travel period, plus all my required work items (laptop included)." -Katie J.


"So, first off I love the EmPack, I did the Kickstarter campaign and ordered the burnt orange, which I am completely a purple girl, but that rust color was too GORGEOUS to pass up!! I love the versatility of this, using it at home to get in a work out and I love using the bag itself to travel. i've taken it on my Ragnar trail race back in October, kept everything dry, as well as when I'm traveling just recently took it to Philadelphia, fits great in overhead compartment and I packed it full with a week's worth of clothes!!" -Ashley




"Holy bananas, how did I live without an EmPack?! It's my favorite "grab and go" bag, whether that's for hiking, to the gym, or to the airport. You can fit SO much stuff inside! And I personally love the wet bag, fold down design! I've been incredibly happy with how diverse it is and take mine everywhere with me. They are super durable too, they hold up to a lot of wear, tear, and dirt which is crucial in my world." - Mary M.


"I'm one of those people who absolutely hates going to a gym. I like my "this is heavy" face to be private, so when I saw the Kickstarter campaign for the EmPack I was immediately interested. I love hiking, and the possibilities for fitness "on the go" intrigued me. I travel 5-6 times a year for my job, so it's awesome having a bag that is functional for laptop/clothing transport that converts into a weight training bag. Especially since most hotel gyms are just treadmills and bikes. I'm always so shocked at how sore I am even with just one water reservoir. The lack of stability that comes with water as weights really works muscles that I don't think I ever paid attention to in the gym with free weights. The EmPack has completely changed my fitness options. I still go to the gym, but I love having the option of making anywhere my gym. I was pretty skeptical about the top closure too, but it totally works. I'm also always shocked at how much actual stuff fits inside this bag. It's not a fitness tool that sort of carries things, it actually is a decently sized, functional backpack too. I never leave home without my EmPack! A great investment for beginners or folks who are serious about lifting." - Katherine S. 



"I took my EmPack with me to Arizona a few weeks ago and it was the best decision ever! I literally took it everywhere with me cause we could fit all of our stuff in it. Took it hiking with our waters, snacks and stuff in there. Went to 2 Cubs games with waters and snacks and a blanket in there! It's just so convenient! I hate carrying stuff but this makes it so easy to carry everything in one bag. AND it's so comfortable!! Never did I get annoyed at carrying the EmPack everywhere with me! Also had no problems using it as my carry-on!" -Marlynn G


"I was a Kickstarter supporter and got my EmPack early on in the process. I am absolutely in love with it. I used it as a backpack for 10 days in Europe and just had my reservoirs in the bottom (they take up next to no room in the bag when flat) and used it to workout when I had time. I've also taken it to the beach and just used t to workout at home. I have two reservoirs but find that for some workouts just one is enough. I love making up circuits and trying new things with the bag. I have also recommended it to several friends, some who have bought their own! Keep making this product it's awesome, useful, and great quality!!" - Rebecca K.



"I absolutely love my EmPack! It has given me so many more options with my workouts. Since I do not have a gym membership, or very much equipment at home, I had to be creative with weight. The EmPack has taken that struggle away completely! I just fill it up and can do almost any kind of strength move I can imagine. I think I love it most for travelling though! This photo is from when I travelled to Las Vegas recently and it was a lifesaver. I have always been very anxious about pickpockets while travelling, especially in busy places. My EmPack took that anxiety away completely! With the roll and pull method of closing the bag it is nearly impossible to get open without the wearer noticing! I knew my stuff was safe in my pack so I could enjoy my trip to the fullest! Overall, this has probably been my favourite purchase in the the 5 years and I suggest it to everyone I talk to! Whether they could benefit in terms of working out, travelling, school, anything. I love this bag so much and use it almost daily for one reason or another! Thank you so much Emily!" - Katlyn H.


"I am OBSESSED with my EmPack.  First I went out of my mind and got the Orange... I never own anything Orange, but purple is my mom's favorite color and the bags came out right after my mom passed away so I just couldn't see purple that much. ANYWAYS, I get sooooo many compliments on the color. People are obsessed with the Orange. I use my EmPack for EVERYTHING... but what it was designed for... mostly because I'm always using it. (I need to order another one). I took it as a carry-on when I went to LA and it carried everything I needed. Shoes, extra pants, hoodie, food (it was during a challenge) and computer. It fit perfectly over head and I was able to attach my pillow and head phones to the handles... ALSO those handles were amazing for trying to shove it over head... I'm short and usually with a suit case I get hit in the head. with the handles I was able to throw around the bag and pop it over head like I would a weight. I also use this bag for lifting sessions. It fits everything so well, is so cute and I don't have to carry my belt I just use the handles to hold it in place (yes those handles are amazing.) Finally, I use it when I walk to work, it fits sooooo comfy on my shoulders, I can put all my stuff I need and it always fits. I don't get the awkward dragging. plus for the pocket on the outside I can put my badge to get in the building and my keys in there and it is fast and easy. I don't have to the do the weird search for everything work when I'm in the middle of Atlanta walking down busy streets. So basically I bought the bag for fitness and got so much more out of it." -Shawn Marie C.



"Where do I start with this awesome invention? I wanted one from the moment I heard Em spill the beans about it and I have used it just about every day since I received it. I recently traveled around Southeast Asia for 8 months and I used the Empack all the time. It served many purposes for me while traveling around -as a day pack, on long hiking trips, camping trips, and weekend trips. OH and did I mention whenever I was settled into a place for a longer amount of time, I would fill up my water bladders and use it to get an awesome workout! I can't say enough good things about this pack. I have received many compliments about the look and feel of the bag and even after all that traveling and throwing it around it is still in the same condition as when I first received it minus a little dirt! Everyone needs one of these in their lives! It is truly genius! And if you are worried about wasting water....well when you are ready to empty the bladders, find a tree and you won't feel guilty! Go get yours today! :)" -Rebecca B.

"The Empack is literally the only piece of training equipment that you will need. I love using it so much and it's super versatile! I base my practice around the idea of "be healthy wherever you find yourself" and The Empack completely encapsulates that idea. The workouts are endless and it's SO much fun being able to get creative with your environment and your workout. I love having the opportunity to finally get outside and also get in an amazing, heavier-weight style workout. Can't wait to add this into my client's routines! Go tell your mom, your friends, their friends and GET YOU ONE! You will not be mad one bit, I promise."- Tera G with Vagabond Health Club


"I signed up for my EmPack through the Kickstarter last winter. I work seasonally at Glacier National Park and saw it as a great thing to complement my hiking. Not only can I hike in the off season with it weighted up  (since I live in the flat midwest), but I can carry it as my daypack in the park and get the added benefit of strength training in one of my favorite places in the world. You can't beat a scenic training session by a glacial lake or on the pass or summit of my favorite mountains. I've been using it all winter in preparation for the upcoming season. Perfect for seasonal work! Also- the color choices are fantastic! I have orange but am jonesing for a second one in purple- one to share with a hiking buddy." - Stephanie M.


"I just started doing cross last month, and Em was one of the reasons I started doing it, and I love it! I'm a huge fan of Em's, I absolutely love my EmPack #EmPack :) I'm also huge backpack fan! I probably have to many ha. I love the EmPack's dual purpose. I have done a few workouts with it and really like it. I can't wait to go on a hike or go to red rocks with it, and really get a good workout in. I take it everywhere with me. I just want to thank Emily and her team for coming out with this pack. Only negative thing that I have to say was that my reservoirs leak, but I contacted the support team and they were great and are shipping out new ones right away so thank you for that." - Joe D.